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I started this blog almost as an after thought. I had to sign up with WordPress in order to comment on a friend’s photography skills. Just goes on to show that life is all about coincidences and paths taken or not taken.

Like everyone else, I do ponder over the day to day affairs of the world. Many a times, and off late more frequently, a sense of pessimism seemed to have taken a grip over my thoughts.There appears to be so much negative spirit, narrow mindedness and people taking “end justifies means” attitude to ridiculous levels, that it is almost scary. I am not sure that we will really leave behind a world which our kids would enjoy inheriting.

Amidst all this negative thoughts, wildlife photography entered my life as this perfect antidote. For those couple of hours, when I am out looking for these beautiful creatures, the mind is completely at peace, worries are a thing of the past, the senses are alert and an almost zen like state overtakes me. I suddenly get an overpowering ability to filter the humdrum and home into the calls from the wild. I think it has positive health benefits too – getting up early, more discipline, longer walks, and even carrying weights 🙂

So in essence, this is my attempt at sharing a few moments of my encounters with the wonders of Mother Nature. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the same and how I could make it more useful.
Thanks for coming over !

Posted January 9, 2013 by Amit

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  1. Hey Amit, only made it to your blog today. Your bird pics are amazing! Got to love those Zen moments that come with photography! 🙂

    • Thanks Timalil (Hope I got the name right). Like you, I have takem up bird photography relatively recently and its indeed a great stress buster. Will post some new photos soon – as I am not getting the time to chose and upload !
      And yes, your post seems to suggest a happy frame of mind. So keep it going. Cheers.

  2. Hey Amit, wonderful pics you got there, truly enjoyed. And can completely relate to you feelings of taking up bird photography. I am quite new to this and my life list is still around 250+ which I have been able to click. By the way if i may ask, what weight do you carry during your trips (in mm), Your pics are pretty sharp and I believe it is nothing less than 500.

    • Hi Summet,
      Thanks for the note. Yes I use a 150-500mm lens. It is good in lighted conditions but in low light I would ideally prefer a Nikkor lens.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Outstanding pictures Amit ! Hope you’re well.

    Vishwa Uddanwadiker

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