Tom, the Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya)   Leave a comment

Yawning leopard_sRGB
Everyone, I guess, loves the Tom and Jerry shows. One is either in Tom’s camp and empathesizes with him or one belongs to the mischievous Jerry’s camp. I have for long been waiting for the day when Tom pulls off a fast one on Jerry. Unfortunately, I have waited for decades far too many, without any luck on this score.

Now, what’s the link between this picture and Tom and Jerry? Look closely, and you are likely to see a happy Tom in here. Zoom in and the association becomes all the more stronger. Though the leopard was yawning, it almost seems like a gleeful cat having a hearty laugh – a la Tom.

Maybe I am hallucinating about a childhood fantasy but that’s the first thing that struck me, when I saw this picture. And it’s a thought that simply refuses to fade away.

For those who don’t believe in it, it’s a Srilankan sub-adult leopard, that’s enjoying an afternoon siesta in the Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka 🙂

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