Siberian Symmetry – Siberian Stonechat (Saxicola marus)   4 comments

Siberian Stone Chat_sRGB1

Last Saturday, I travelled forty kilometres in search of this traveller from Central Asia. Hesaraghatta lake bed is around 4-5 square kilometres in area and this bird is smaller than a sparrow.    To make matters more difficult, only a few individuals seem to have migrated to Hesaraghatta this year. Realistically speaking, the chances of my finding this bird was quite low. Yet, I went ahead, weathered the rising heat of Bangalore and at the end of it all, was rewarded with a closeup with this female of the species.

The male Siberian Stonechat has a prominent black head and is visually more striking of the two. But it remained elusive. Given their small size it’s almost impossible to fathom their ability to make such long distance migrations. However, they indeed do! Being insectivores, I guess they get enough and more food supplies along the way, to keep them going.

In Bangalore, summer is nearly upon us. April and May are the hottest months. So it’s nearly time for us to bid adieu to these beauties. May their tribe prosper and we look forward to welcoming them back again in the winter.

4 responses to “Siberian Symmetry – Siberian Stonechat (Saxicola marus)

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  1. Excellent Stuff

  2. So beautifully sharp!

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