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Indian companies have by and large shied away from using birds and animals as their brand mascots. The Tiger of course has always been associated with India and the Indian economy itself has often been compared to the slow but sure footed elephant, in popular business literature. However, the industry in general has not favoured animal mascots. The only meaningful exception that comes to mind is this cute little bird.

The Common Kingfisher is the mascot for India’s most popular beer – aptly named Kingfisher. Its a different matter that most Indians cannot distinguish between different Kingfishers and in any case it may all look the same after a couple of drinks. Much like the fate of this bird, the fortunes of the Kingfisher group soared high and at one point even included India’s premier domestic airline, before plummeting down. Continuous loss of habitats and pollution of water bodies has rendered this bird not so common in today’s India.

It consumes food equivalent to nearly sixty percent of its body weight daily and hence it needs to fish frequently. The presence of these birds can also attest to the quality of water in the water bodies. Since they dive into the water to catch the fish they have special “fovea” to enable them to see under water and to counter the impact of change in refraction of light while moving between the air and water mediums.

Luckily, it is still classified in the “Least Concern” category, as per IUCN. So cheers to the Kingfisher on the rocks.



2 responses to “On the rocks – common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

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  1. The Kingfisher really is a fascinating little bird. Cheers on a great little read!

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