Streak throated woodpecker (Picus xanthopygaeus) in action   Leave a comment

Streakthroated woodpecker_sRGB

I am quite fascinated by woodpeckers. They are quite colourful and are usually difficult to photograph in the clear. The irony is that you get to see many of these in tiger reserves, where the overriding sentiment is focused on sighting tigers or other carnivores. Birds, that too small ones, tend to take a back seat during tiger safaris. I clicked this one at Kabini during one such tiger safari. We had been in the park for more than an hour and it had been a largely fruitless endeavour. So we decided to stop our vehicle in the hope that switching off the engine would either entice some carnivore to venture out from their hiding place or the quietness, thus induced, would help us get some signs to the Tigers’ presence.

Though no tiger showed up, it was a treat to watch a pair of streak throated woodpeckers going about their business. The males have a red mane and look spectacular and the females have a black coloured crown. While the male bird flew away, this female decided to fly onto a nearby tree looking for termites and ants. The lighting was good and the bird was in the clear and for a change the hardened tiger enthusiasts turned their large camera lens in the direction of this bird. So did I and have this picture as my trophy from that morning session of safari.


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