Beauty in small measures – Brown Breasted Flycatcher (Muscicapa muttui)   Leave a comment

Brown Breasted Flycatcher 3_sRGB

One has to really love birding to venture out on a hot and dry day for a session with the avian beauties. But sometimes you are rewarded with a sighting like this one – a not so common migrant sitting on an open perch.

I came across this brown breasted flycatcher after a rather luckless day while birding at the Botanical garden in Bhubaneswar. It’s such a small bird with a body colour that blends so easily with the dry and brown hue of the woods, that we nearly missed it. The camouflage is perfect and from a distance one could even mistake it for a common house sparrow. However, lady luck was willing to eventually relent that afternoon and we managed to spot it.

This picture is a reminder of how the camera could play tricks with you. Though it was bright and sunny, the picture appears quite dark. This is primarily because the camera’s metering system was trying to cancel out the brightness by making the picture darker but ended up over compensating for it. I have been having a continuing debate with my friends regarding the suitability of aperture priority mode for taking pictures of birds. Though by an large I belong to the small minority that believes in shooting in manual mode, I still continue to hold on to my views 🙂 But pictures like this force you to rethink strategies.

While I ponder on these dilemmas, I thought of posting this picture to solicit your views as well.

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