Peregrine( Falco peregrines) on a kill   3 comments

Peregrine Falcon on kill Final_sRGB

If looks could kill then I should be dead by now !

I have clicked Peregrine falcons in the past but never from such close quarters. My hands were shaking with excitement as we got closer and closer to this bird in what was a stretch of barrenness -whichever way one looked. The distant shrubs and trees provided the contrast and some evidence of life. However, the stone ledge on which this bird was perched was a witness to the drama of life and death as the Peregrine landed on it with its dying prey and went about almost ruthlessly de- feathering it. The falcon did not seem too purturbed by our slow approach and was pre-occupied in preparing its meal. But I guess everything has its limit and eventually the bird took note, turned around a bit to give us this disapproving look and flew away with its prey to the next ledge.

The most distinguishing feature of this bird, besides the fact that it’s the fastest creature on the planet, are its “moustache”. The moustache gels well with its English name which stands for a “wandering falcon”. This is the world’s most widespread raptor and is found virtually in all habitated landmass except for New Zealand.

It’s diet consists primarily of small to medium sized birds and hence speed is critical to their survival. Open areas allow them to hunt effectively and give them the clearance for the famous Peregrine dive. They have small bony structures on its nostrils to guide the strong airflow away from its nostrils thus enabling the bird to breathe more easily while diving. To protect their eyes, the falcons use their nictitating membrane to key their eyes moist and to keep dust particles away while maintaining clear vision.

For all those lovers of wild life, I strongly recommend a visit to Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, India. It’s a terrain like no other. And if you have a good guide it will exceed your wildest imagination. But you must indeed have a love for nature and be willing to rough it out. Else, please don’t blame me 🙂

3 responses to “Peregrine( Falco peregrines) on a kill

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  1. at which month we can fined peregrine falcons at little rann of katch???

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