Blue Tailed Bee Eater Family (Merops philippinus)   9 comments

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Three years ago if someone would have even remotely suggested that a day would come when I would have the enthusiasm to drive around 400km in a day to photograph just one species of birds, I would have seriously questioned that person’s sanity. But, how life changes. As of today, I have done it twice now – once in pursuit of the long distance flyers – the bar headed geese and in this instance the Blue tailed Bee Eaters (Merops philippinus).

But first of all a special thanks to my friend Naveen Toppo, for informing me about this place and alerting me about the presence of these beauties in that sleepy and remote village. Given the unplanned nature of road construction in India especially in the hinterlands, Google maps have always struggled in accurately managing the last mile. But thanks to Naveen’s persistence and patience he accurately guided me, via phone, to the spot. And what a sight it was – nearly 50-60 blue tailed bee eaters perched all around especially on the overhead electrical wires.

These birds nest in burrows on the ground, near water bodies, a trait that exposes them to significant risk especially for a winged creature. The choice of nesting site becomes that much more important. Naguvanahalli, near Mysore is one such site. These birds are highly migratory and are found in South and South East Asia. The summer months are a good time to find them in peninsular India. 

This was my first sighting of these richly coloured beauties and to find three of them on one perch was indeed a bonanza. Though this family of birds is named as bee eaters, they consume a lot of dragon flies and other insects. In this picture the preys appear to be the common clubtail dragonflies (Ictinogomphus rapax)

While I enjoyed the sighting, what worried me was the level of human activity, including presence of large vehicles, near this site. I end this post with a hope and prayer that this area remains undisturbed for the times to come and these birds should keep returning to this place, as their summer abode, for future generations to behold and enjoy.

9 responses to “Blue Tailed Bee Eater Family (Merops philippinus)

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  1. It was worth it, great pic!

  2. All ur pic r great.

  3. first thought is: poor dragonflies! 😀 however, a great capture. stay inspired!

    • Thank you. One does feel sorry for the preys but so is life. They were transporting the catch to their nests to feed the juveniles. One life supporting another.

  4. great pictures and blog, really cool.

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