Leopard on the move   6 comments

Leopard on the move

One more photo of the obliging leopard from my recent visit to Kabini. The previous one that I had posted, I had clicked him while making eye contact. Unfortunately, the background is a bit distracting. In this one the background is quite clutter free but the leopard decided not to make eye contact.
I guess you win some and lose some

6 responses to “Leopard on the move

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  1. Great capture!

  2. That leopard was definitely worth a second post. In fact, I would be happy to see it again if you have another shot!

  3. Ah but you clicked it in motion, which is also quite a capture!

    • Thanks. I actually learnt it the hard way while visiting Ranthambore a couple of months ago. Tigers and leopards even if they seem to be ambling are actually moving quite fast. So one cannot afford a low shutter speed.

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