White Eyed Buzzard (Butastur teesa)   Leave a comment

White Eyed Buzzard (Butastur teesa)

The trip to Jaimangali yielded many lifers for me including this White-eyed Buzzard. In one of my earlier trips, I had nearly mistaken a juvenile Oriental Honey Buzzard to be a white -eyed one. Though when you compare the photos, they look distinctly different – its basically the white iris that got me a bit confused.

This majestic bird is a mid-sized hawk that is found across India and South Asia. Its distinguishing feature is it white iris and its white throat with a dark mesial stripe. The ceres are distinctly yellow unlike the Oriental Honey Buzzard.

I think I was quite lucky to spot this one as this bird appeared like a long protruding twig as I was passing by in my car. Something told me to back up and take a relook. The bird had seen me from a distance but yet allowed me to get down from the car and approach it few steps at a time, till I was really close. A bit of a raised mound on the ground, gave me a higher elevation to get this close up.

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