The critically endangered Indian Vulture (Gyps Indicus)   Leave a comment

The critically endangered Indian Vulture (Gyps Indicus)

Another bird that has a perfect camouflage with the bare rocky terrain. But how I wish there were more of these birds to take advantage of the terrain. These birds are critically endangered and their population is depleting fast. Being typical slow breeders, the impact of the conservation efforts can only be gauged a couple of decades later. Hopefully it wont be too late by then.

Besides the terrain, the Indian culture is also very conducive for the propagation of vultures. However, the rampant use of a veterinary drug called diclofenac has lead to a near 95% plus decline in population of these birds in the last decade. Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is given to working animals and it causes kidney failure in vultures that consume the carcass of such animals. This drug has been banned in India but is unfortunately still available quite freely.

Interestingly, the tigers and the vultures have a strong link. Conservation of tigers can have a positive impact on vultures as the tiger reserves act as diclofenac free areas where animal carcass is also available for scavenging.

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