Charging Elephants (Elephas maximus indicus)   Leave a comment

Charging Elephants (Elephas maximus indicus)

My encounters with elephants continued into this week also. A fortnight ago, a single elephant had threatened to charge me and this week I managed to experience three elephants, accompanied by a small calf, charging at our van ! Not sure which one was more scary. Unlike last time, this time around I was in a van full of tourists hence I was deriving some comfort from our sheer strength. On the flip side this encounter was a much closer affair and the elephants also had the numbers to easily topple our van. Like in the previous case, this time also there was a small calf with the elephants – reason enough for them to be ultra aggressive.

The real thrill was indeed when I reached the safety of our resort and realized I had managed to capture the motion and the aggressive postures of these gentle giants, which when agitated can also be highly destructive.

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